Building a network of chargers for electric boats

maritime charging

Are you ready to enjoy the silence at sea? Choose electric! Plug invest, build and operate maritime fast chargers - and cover all costs. Need charging in your marina?

The future is electric

Electric boats are already commercially available and you can find an electric boat fitting everyone's need from slow double-ender and day-cruisers too high-speed rib boats. Different battery & motor sizes means different requirements for charging. 

For a slow going boat with a large battery available, AC charging in the local marina will be sufficient. For high-speed boats public available high power charging (DC) will be necessary.  

Plug offers a variety of charging solutions to private marinas, quaysides and publicly available high power charging stations. 

Contact us about how we can support and provide charging at your location!

Plug offer a seamless charging experience that 
accelerates the adoption of electric boats while contributing to environmental conservation. 

- for all types of electric vessels. 

CLEAN PORT. CLEAN air. clean coast.

A coastal network of chargers

Leisure boats  will be electric
Contribute to cleaner ports, air and coast
Make your marina more attractive 
Take part in the electric revolution