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Why use shore power?

  • Environmentally friendly – The future of energy for ships in port

  • Better working environment for the crew

  • Good operating economy for the shipping company

  • Safe and easy connection

  • Customers want lower emissions

  • First in line for space in the quais

By using the shore power Emissions and noise from the vessels. When the engines are stopped, the crew gets a quieter and better working environment. Time-consuming engine maintenance can be carried out faster and easier, and the engines ' maintenance interval can be extended.

Customers are constantly setting higher environmental requirements. shore power Is the future of energy for ships in port. shore power Can replace fossil fuels with renewable energy while the ship is docked. Pollution of air in ports, cities and fjords is reduced by using shore power .

With shore power the ship is connected to the ordinary mains. Ships have different frequencies and voltage. Plug builds facilities that ensure that each ship gets the frequency and voltage they need. Our goal is that shore power should be experienced easily and safely for users.

Plug offers today shore power for offshore ships, the coastal route and cruise ships in Bergen, and is in the process of establishing shore power for cruise ships in Ålesund and Nordfjordeid. We will also offer shore power for other ship types in cooperation with shipping companies and the quay owner.

Electrification and transition from fossil to renewable energy use is a focus area for Norway seeking emission-free shipping. Today, Norway has a world-leading supply industry in the electrification of ships.

Talk to us about how you can rig your ships or the quads you visit for shore power.

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How to do it

There are a number of suppliers nationally and internationally that offer conversion of ships to shore power . The investment can often be repaid within a short time when using shore power , due to less fuel consumption, less environmental taxes and easier access to maintenance.

Enova also has good support schemes for the establishment of onshore power systems in existing vessels.

Terms and procedures for Bergen

Here you will find our terms and conditions for shore power in Bergen.

Procedures for Nykirkekaien and Dokken.

Procedures for Skolten.

Here you will find the annual declaration on the ship's duty to be filled out of the ship and returned to the Plug.


The price of shore power to ships is set out from an overall assessment of the cost of electricity, grid tarriffs, taxes, operation, maintenance and investment in the necessary facilities for transforming, converters and cable management on land.

Prices in Bergen port from 10. October 2021:

  • 1.70 KR/kWh excl. VAT for low-voltage delivered at Skolten, Dokken, Nykirkekaien and Festningskaien.

  • 1.50 kr/kWh excl. VAT for low-voltage delivered on the Hurtigruten Quay.

  • 2.40 KR/kWh excl. VAT for high voltage delivered to cruise ships at Skolten, Bontelabo and Jekteviken. In addition, a connection fee of NOK 10,000 per call.

The prices quoted apply to vessels in industry. Click here to read Plug's terms of delivery.

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