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Plug Insight is a software system crafted for shore power management, effectively reducing the associated hassles, risks, frustrations, and costs often associated with shore power. It offers a complete overview of shore power data for your port or vessel, and simplifies shore power operations through digital invoicing, planning and operation.
The future of shore power data insights

for ports

Increased use of shore power leads to increased complexity in the planning and operation of shore power facilities – requiring time and resources. With Plug Insight you can optimize your operations, without overloading your resources with extra work.
  • Monitor historical and existing port calls with real time consumption data
  • Plan future port calls—see historical data of the port to predict consumption and allocate right connection points
  • Easy overview of the operational status of your shore power units
  • Real time monitoring of supply pits and vessels
  • Seamless invoicing with automatic calculation
  • Adapted content and user experience based on user type
  • Can be used for both new and existing shore power installations

for shipowners

Enable hassle free shore power connections and payments by ensuring all your consumption data is digitized and stored in one place. 
  • Monitor real-time and historical consumption data in one unified platform
  • Track port call consumption, review historical data, and obtain a comprehensive overview of invoices, location-specific consumption, and pricing structure
  • View and download consumption report for your ship when you need it


If you're interested in establishing shore power facilities in partnership with Plug, our agreement will include Plug Insight as part of the package. For those seeking to integrate Plug Insight with existing facilities, kindly get in touch with us for pricing details.

It's important to note that Plug Insight is offered to ship owners who use a Plug facility at no cost.

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