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Shore Power

Clean ports. Clean air. Clean coast.
The global drive to decarbonize the shipping industry and moving towards net-zero in 2050 increases the need for continuous development of shore power in ports, and retrofitting of existing vessels. Learn more about shore power and how Plug can help you.
The future energy source for ships in ports

For ports

Ports play a crucial role in decarbonising the shipping industry and getting to net-zero before 2050. Shore power is a technology that immediately can reduce climate emissions and local pollution.

Plug is a long-term partner for ports that want to play a part in the net-zero journey. Our contributions range from funding, feasibility studies, development, operations and data insights—ensuring a technical and financial sustainable solution for an onshore power system in your port.

With your local knowledge and our expertise in electrification, we can quickly get started with shore power in your port.

Why partner with us?

World-class technology partners

We work with leading suppliers to provide you with the best shore power technology. Leveraging our expertise in the supplier market, we optimize the quality, cost-efficiency, and sustainability of your shore power installations

Building on international standards

Plug offers shore power according to the International Standards IEC 80005-3 (low-voltage) and IEC 80005-1 (High voltage). We adapt solutions for each individual port, according to to traffic and specific needs.

Years of experience

Founded in 2018 by Bergen Havn and Eviny, Western Norway's premier renewable energy company, we've rapidly expanded our shore power operations. Plug is Norway's only dedicated shore power company and works with both national and international ports. 

Make your port future-proof!

For shipowners

Convert to shore power and contribute to zero emissions while berthing - good for the environment and good for the ship's operating economy.

Why convert to shore power?

  • Better air quality. Less noise
  • Better operating economy
  • Safe and easy connection
  • Customers want lower emission service providers
  • Prioritised booking in the port

Plug is a professional operator focusing on stable, easy to use shore power installations. Plug provides all customers access to full insight in past and current port calls for all vessels, including overview of consumption, total cost and invoices throughout ports.

100% renewable energy
Shore power from Plug has a Guarantee of Origin (GoO) and is 100% renewable.

Shore Power in 1—2—3!


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The price of shore power to ships is set out from an overall assessment of the cost of electricity, grid tariffs, taxes, operation, maintenance and investment in the necessary facilities for transformers, converters and cable management on land.

Please visit one of our locations to find the price relevant to the location you're visiting.

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