Shore Power

Shore Power

The global drive to decarbonise the shipping industry and moving towards net-zero in 2050 increases the need for continuous development of shore power in ports and retrofitting of existing vessels. Learn more about shore power and how Plug can help you..

About Shore Power

Shore power is the renewable energy source for ships in port. Pollution of air in ports, cities and fjords can be removed by using shore power.

Shore power is electric power from the land power plant to the electric system in ships allowing the ships to turn off the generator. Using  shore power removes air pollution and noise  as cruise ships, supply boats and coastal route no longer have to use diesel generators. Electrification and transition from fossil to renewable energy sources use is a priority and increasingly becoming a legal requirement in many ports. With the new regulations in EU's Fit for 55 onshore electrical power supply will be mandatory by 2030 in core EU ports.