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PSW Power & Automation and ShoreLink to deliver shore power installation in Ålesund

PSW Power & Automation will deliver the electrical components of the new shore power capability for cruise in Ålesund, Norway.  ShoreLink provides an innovative and efficient cable management system.

- We work constantly to find good and effective solutions that benefit both the city, the shipping companies and not least the environment. The agreements with PSW Power & Automation and ShoreLink are important steps on the way to a shore power capability that will reduce emissions from the cruise ships that visit Ålesund, explains the CEO of Plug and general manager of Plug Ålesund, Maria Bos.

PSW Power & Automation is located at Sotra outside of Bergen, Norway, and ShoreLink is from Estonia.

- PSW Power & Automation has developed a compact high-energy converter system that is specially adapted for the cruise segment. This facility will provide major environmental benefits for the city of Ålesund, and we look forward to a good collaboration with Plug Ålesund, says Eirik Sørensen, general manager of PSW Power & Automation.

ShoreLink is also pleased with the positive environmental effects the facility will have for the city. - We deliver a tailor-made, mobile system for cable management that will ensure that the cables are delivered to the ship in a safe and efficient way, says CEO of ShoreLink Klaus Kopelman.

Nordplan and Norconsult in Ålesund assist with the design of the building and engineering, respectively.

Finished in less than a year

The facility, which will be able to provide shore power to two cruise ships at the same time on Prestebrygga and Stornespiren, will be ready by Easter 2022. Work on the quay will begin in the fall.

- The corona pandemic has put the entire cruise industry on hold, but all indications are that traffic will pick up again as soon as conditions allow. With support from Enova and the contracts with PSW Power & Automation and ShoreLink, we are well underway with securing a shore power capability for cruise ships calling at Ålesund in the future, says Ole Christian Fiskaa, Harbour Master in the Ålesund Region's Port Authority.

More information

Maria Bos, CEO of Plug:  +47 975 78 136 /

Ole Christian Fiskaa, Harbour Master in the Ålesund Region's Port Authority: +47 922 39 576 /

Klaus Kopelman, CEO of ShoreLink: +372 5811 8842 /

Eirik Sørensen, general manager of PSW Power & Automation: +47 936 78 233 /

About the Ålesund region's port Authority:

  • The Ålesund region's port Authority is one of Norway's largest fishing and freight ports.
  • The port also has long traditions for cruise and is today the fourth largest cruise port in Norway.

About Plug Ålesund:

  • Owned 50 % by Ålesund municipality and 50% by Plug Holding AS
  • Delivers renewable shore power to ships in port in collaboration with the port
  • In Bergen, Plug has built Europe's largest shore power facility in cooperation with the port of Bergen and the company will build, own, and operate shore power in several ports both nationally and internationally.

About PSW Power & Automation:

  • Provides complete power and energy storage solutions for ports, shipping companies and the offshore industry
  • Specialises i.a. in shore power systems, frequency converter technology and electrical infrastructure

About ShoreLink:

  • An engineering solutions brand
  • Delivers innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for ports, port operators and shipping companies

About shore power:

  • Shore power is electrical power from the power plant on land to the electrical system in ships or boats moored at the quay.
  • By using shore power, the port avoids air pollution and noise as vessels such as cruise ships, offshore supply vessels and the coastal route no longer have to use diesel generators.
  • Electrification and the transition from fossil to renewable energy is a focus area for Norway that wants emission-free shipping
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