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Arendal Havn & Plug want to establish shore power for cruise ships in Arendal

The Port of Arendal and Plug AS signed a memorandum of understanding this autumn with the purpose to further develop the shore power capabilities in Arendal. The Port of Arendal currently operates a low voltage shore power facility in Eydehavn and Plug AS are part owners of several shore power facilities/projects in Norway, i.e. at the Port of Bergen.

Cruise traffic in Arendal has grown steadily in the years before COVID-19 and is expected to grow further in the years to come. Further growth is however entirely dependent on the establishment of shore power to minimize the environmental impact of cruise calls. The parties have an ambition to establish shore power for cruise ships in Arendal on Batterikaien / Hotellkaien and are awarded economic support from Enova to carry out a feasibility study.

The most important investigations to be carried out in the feasibility study is the location of the converter system, grid capacity, definition of the customer base and the financing of construction and operation. An alternative location for the converter system will be needed, due to limited available space on the quay and to minimize the inconvenience for the nearest neighbours.

The feasibility study will form the basis for the final construction and an extended shore power capability in Arendal.

Photo: The Port of Arendal

For more information:

Arendal Havn KF
Rune Hvass
+47 900 68 450

Plug AS
Maria Bos
Daglig leder
+47 975 78 136

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