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Enova supports port of Larvik with NOK 3.8 for shore power

The Port of Larvik and Plug have received funding from Enova to build shore power on the two large freight quays in Larvik; Kanalen and the Container Quay. This will reduce emissions and contribute to a more future-oriented and environmentally friendly port.

Larvik Port is one of Norway's largest container ports and an important gateway to Europe for the transport of cargo. Soon the ships will be able to connect to the power grid when they are docked.

"The Port of Larvik is an efficient logistics hub with modern facilities and multiple lines of service. Our goal is to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, while facilitating for shipping and contributing to value creation and growth, locally and regionally. By 2050, the Port of Larvik will be an emission-free port. The support from Enova for the development of shore power facilities is an important step in our environmental work, and we are pleased to be able to continue this work," says Jan Fredrik Jonas, Port Director at Larvik Havn KF.

Collaborating with Plug
The port has prepared the application to Enova in cooperation with Plug, and the parties intend to continue the cooperation also when the systems are to be built and operated. Plug is a leading shore power company in Norway today and has established joint ventures with ports in several different locations in Norway and abroad. Plug has a broad experience in designing, building, operating and offering shore power to various ship segments. Among other things, the company has built Europe's largest shore power facility for cruises in Bergen and a cruise facility in Ålesund. In the North of Norway, Plug cooperates with, among others, Harstad, Vågan, Narvik and Hadsel ports.

The planned shore power systems in Larvik will be able to supply several ships at the same time. At Kanalen, the planned facility will be able to can supply three ships simultaneously, while the system at the Container quay can supply one ship at a time.

"Shore power enables emission-free port calls. With support from Enova, we can build the infrastructure necessary for the ships to connect. Container and bulk carriers are not the ship segments with the highest proportion of ships prepared for shore power today, but we believe in a positive development and that the ship owners will contribute to high usage and thereby significantly reduced emissions, says Maria Bos, CEO of Plug.

Ready in 2024
Electrification and the transition from fossil to renewable energy use is a priority area for Norway on the way to emission-free shipping. The Government's ambition is to halve emissions from domestic shipping and fishing by 2030.

"If all goes according to plan, it should be possible to complete the plants in 2024. We look forward to offering the cargo ships calling at Larvik environmentally friendly energy from shore, says Jan Fredrik Jonas, Port Director of Larvik Havn KF.

There is potential in the market to be able to deliver more than 1 million kWh/year. For every kWh we manage to deliver to a ship, CO₂ emissions are reduced by approximately 0.8 kg.

For more information, please contact:
Larvik Havn KF – Jan Fredrik Jonas, Port Director of Port of Larvik KF, tlf: 907 28 077
Maria Bos - CEO in Plug, tlf. 975 78 136

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