Port of Bergen is the second largest port in Norway, with ambitious goals to reduce the climate impact of vessels calling Bergen.

Plug Bergen is committed to offer and provide shore power to vessels calling Bergen, and is continuously developing new shore power capabilities.

Plug Bergen AS is joint-venture owned 50/50 by Port of Bergen and Plug AS.

100% Renewable Energy

Shore power from Plug has a Guarantee of Origin (GoO) and is 100% renewable. This ensures that power comes from renewable energy sources like hydro- and wind power. 

Shore Power in 1—2—3!


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You will be sent to the website for the port for booking of shore power.
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How to do it

Connecting to shore power when berthing is a good start towards decarbonisation and net-zero emissions in port. Connecting to shore power will contribute positive on the vessels EPI score. Other benefits are reduced fuel consumption, less environmental taxes and easier access to maintenance.

There are a number of suppliers that offers conversion of ships to shore power.


The price of shore power to ships is set out from an overall assessment of the cost of electricity, grid tarriffs, taxes, operation, maintenance and investment in the necessary facilities for transforming, converters and cable management on land. The current prices are as follows (effective November 7th 2022):
  • 5.10 NOK/kWh excl. VAT for low-voltage delivered at Skolten, Dokken, Nykirkekaien and Festningskaien.
  • 5.10 NOK/kWh excl. VAT for low-voltage delivered on the Hurtigruten Quay.
  • 5.90 NOK/kWh excl. VAT for high voltage delivered to cruise ships at Skolten, Bontelabo and Jekteviken. In addition, a connection fee of NOK 10,000 per call.
The prices quoted apply to commercial vessels.

Low voltage

Hurtigruten Quay

High voltage


Total capacity

Low voltage 7.2 MVA (14 supply pits)
High voltage 48.0 MVA (5 supply pits)


Price adjustment November 7th

The prices for shore power at the Port of Bergen will be adjusted, effective November 7th, 2022. As of this date the following prices will apply:• 5,10 NOK/kWh excl. VAT for low voltage delivered at Skolten, Dokken, Nykirkekaien and Festningskaien.• 5,10 NOK/kWh excl. VAT for low voltage delivered on the Jekteviken terminal.• 5,90 NOK/kWh excl. […]
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Lars-Gunnar Olsen Landsvik

Operations - LV responsible

Bengt Vestvik-Bruknapp

Operations - HV responsible