From the 2023 cruise season, the port of Ålesund offers shore power for cruise ships at two quays through Plug Ålesund AS.
Plug Ålesund AS is a joint-venture owned 50/50 by the port of Ålesund and Plug AS.

100% Renewable Energy

Shore power from Plug has a Guarantee of Origin (GoO) and is 100% renewable. This ensures that power comes from renewable energy sources like hydro- and wind power. 

Shore Power in 1—2—3!


Contact the port

You will be sent to the website for the port for booking of shore power.
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Connect to a supply pit to start using shore power


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Register a user in the Plug application to gain insight in your port call use
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How to do it


The agent or shipping company states whether shore power is to be used when booking a berth (typically 2-3 years in advance). This is done directly to the Ålesund region's port authority (ÅRH) on alesundregionenshav@alesund.havn.no 

This order is not binding but is used as a basis for planning the season. 


No later than four weeks before ETA, the agent/shipping company must confirm to ÅRH that the ship will have shore power at the port call in question. It must also be stated whether the ship will have ordinary connection, first call test or commissioning. ÅRH forwards to operations@plugport.no and ensures that the agent/shipping company has received information about terms and prices. 

When first call or commissioning, it is particularly important that a dialogue is established between technical personnel onboard the ship and operations in Plug. 

In case of cancellations or confirmations after the four-week deadline, a fee will apply (see price list). 

When booking later than four weeks before arrival, Plug Ålesund cannot guarantee delivery of shore power at the relevant port of call. 

For any technical inquiries, please contact operations@plugport.no

Terms and procedures


Price per kWh  The price of shore power to ships is set out from an overall assessment of the cost of electricity, grid tarriffs, taxes, operation, maintenance and investment in the necessary facilities for transforming, converters and cable management on land. The current prices are as follows (effective February 24th 2022):
  • 3.75 NOK/kWh excl. VAT for high voltage delivered to cruise ships at Prestebrygga and Stornespiren. In addition, a connection fee of NOK 20,000 per call (see below).
Fixed prices
  • First call NOK 50,000(excl. VAT)
  • Commissioning NOK 100 000 (excl. VAT)
  • Ordinary connection fee NOK 20,000 (excl. VAT)
The fixed prices above applies when the connection to shore power is started within one hour of arrival or agreed time. In case of delays, an hourly cost of NOK 1900 per hour applies. Cancellation fee:
  • Up to 4 weeks before ETA NOK 0
  • Cancellation up to three days before ETA NOK 15,000 (excl. VAT)
  • Cancellation less than 48 hours before ETA NOK 45,000 (excl. VAT)
In case of a request later than four weeks before the port call, there will be an administration fee of NOK 15,000. If connection to shore power is not possible as a result of faults or other circumstances related to the onshore power facility of Plug Ålesund, no fees will apply.

Low voltage

High voltage


Total capacity

High voltage 32.0 MVA (3 supply pits)


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